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The Classroom Peer Helpers

At Jaya International High School, the role of the Peer Helper is to provide support to the teacher and to work one on one with the students. Peer Helpers provide assistance to students by helping them with various activities that were developed by the teachers. A Peer Helper is positive in approach and attitude, flexible in responding to the needs of his/her fellow students, prompt, dependable and regular in attendance, friendly to all teachers and students, willing to follow the rules of the school and to be a role model through appropriate behavior.

Provincial Competitions

  • DecaA chance for Ontario’s top high school students to compete regionally, provincially, and internationally in a business case study competition. 

  • CEMCThe CEMC promotes and creates materials in mathematics and computer science, administers the Canadian Mathematics Competitions (CMC), as well as contests in computer science. They organize contests such as the Gauss, Pascal, Cayley, Fermat, Galois, Hypatia, etc.

  • MAA – Mathematical Association of America is the world’s largest community of mathematicians, students, and math enthusiasts.

  • AMC – American Mathematics Competitions are a series of examinations and curriculum materials that build problem-solving skills and mathematical knowledge in middle and high school students.

  • Asian Pacifis Mathematics Olympiad – Canada is a participating country in the Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad (APMO). Each year the CMS invites 20-30 students to write the APMO based on their results in other national and international competitions.

  • Canadian Chemistry Olympiad – The Canadian Chemistry Olympiad (CCO) is an annual event that aims to promote interest in chemistry amongst high school students. 

  • TRU – TRU Chemistry Contest for CHEM 11 and CHEM 12 Students